A Simple Mission

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Training and consulting that's focused on you.

Work that's truly, authentically, enthusiastically progressive.

Data- and results-driven campaigning. Always.

Too often, hiring a consultant can bring just as many challenges as joys. From uneven availability to working cross-purposes to staff, adding strategists never seems to be as simple as just bolstering capacity. John is committed to training, speaking, and consulting that always benefits the client. John strives for service that you'll recommend, never an experience you'll regret.

We live and work in a progressive movement and in a country that's striving to live its values. But right now, we're falling far short--there are still countless examples of discrimination, harassment, and abuse inside and outside our communities. John's committed to work (and self-work) that's always informed by love, inclusion, and progress, not hollow words and promises without substance.

Communications and digital strategy are often fad-driven. What's the new social media platform, how do we reach this "suddenly discovered" new audience, what are millennials really up to, and so on. John's committed to delivering strategy and services focused on the results you need, not what's flashy or of-the-moment.


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